CE Marked Products (Benchtop Selective Soldering Series)

KOKI TEC’s benchtop selective soldering series below have obtained CE marking in October 2023.


Benchtop Selective Soldering Machine(ULTIMA-TRZ)

Benchtop Selective Fluxing Machine(ULTIMA-SPZ)

Benchtop Preheating Machine(ULTIMA-PHS)


As CE-compliant machines, the following are standard equipment:


  • Benchtop Selective Soldering Machine(ULTIMA-TRZ)

・Solder Low-level Warning System

・Weekly Timer

・Laser-type Wave Height Detection System

・Sensors for solder pot overheat and N2 overheat

・Three-light Signal Tower

・Box Type Safety Cover with φ100 Exhaust Duct

・Area Sensor


  • Benchtop Selective Fluxing Machine(ULTIMA-SPZ)

・PCB Presence Sensor

・Three-light Signal Tower

・Flux Flowmeter

・Safety Cover


Benchtop Preheating Machine(ULTIMA-PHS)

For details on each machine, please see below.