Announcement: Copied Product

Announcement: Copied Product

November 15th , 2023
We hereby announce that unfortunately counterfeit nozzles for our selective soldering machines such as Takurobo have been discovered on the market.

We have received reports from our customers regarding defects in soldering quality, etc., and upon investigation, we found that those products were not ours.

Please use genuine products that are safe and have a proven track record.

(We may not be able to respond appropriately to inquiries regarding quality of nozzles made by other companies.)

Reported defects with non genuine products:
・The time to stable flow life, which was good when new, rapidly deteriorated
※Please let us know the conditions as they may change depending on the usage environment.
・Coordinate calibration was required mostly every time after nozzle replacement or reinstallation, and the correction value was especially large.
・Poor soldering quality
・The nozzle was stuck and difficult to remove when removing it.
Please feel free to contact us regarding the characteristics of suspect products and how to identify them.


Announcement  Copied Product